Why do I need to provide my email?

We need your email address so that we can create your user account, identify you when you log in, and keep you informed about our site. We will not pass on your email address to any third party.

You have the right to opt out of receiving emails from us. All you have to do is tick Unsubscribe on any of the emails you receive.

Why do I need a Username?

In order to protect your privacy we ask you to create a Username when signing up to iWriteFiction. When using the site your Username is the only identity by which other users will know you.

How do I create a Username?

Your Username may contain any combination of upper and lower case letters and/or numbers, but no spaces and no special characters. Please be aware that once you’ve created your Username you won’t be able to change it.

Why do I need a Password?

Whenever you log in to iWriteFiction we require you to enter your Password. You should keep your Password secret and safe as it ensures that only you have access to your account on the site. 

How do I create a Password?

You are asked to create a Password when you first sign up to iWriteFiction. Your Password may contain any combination of upper and lower case letters and/or numbers, but no spaces and no special characters.

What do I do if I forget my Password?

Don’t worry, you can create a new one. When you go to log in, simply click on panel on “Forgot your Password?”. We’ll then send an email to the address associated with your account providing instructions on how to reset your Password.


Why is my PayPal payment being made to Eaglemoss Ltd.?

Eaglemoss Ltd. is a trading partner of iWriteFiction and collects all of our customers’ payments made via Paypal.

Why does my credit or debit card payment to iWriteFiction show up on my bank statement as a payment to Eaglemoss Ltd.?

Eaglemoss Ltd. is a trading partner of iWriteFiction and collects all of our customers’ payments made by credit or debit card.


Are there any rules about how people should behave in the community?

We provide some clear guidelines in “Community Conduct” which are designed to keep all users safe and happy. We monitor the site very carefully and will intervene whenever we think it necessary. Nevertheless, if we miss something, or you consider that the principles of community conduct have been breached, you can alert us at reportcontent@iwritefiction.co.uk, and we’ll look into it straightaway.

What should I do if I consider comments I’ve received in Discussions are offensive or excessively negative?

Everyone who signs up on our website has the right to a positive and beneficial experience, and to enjoy being part of its community. We administer the community area of our website carefully and we will intervene whenever necessary to uphold that right. If you feel that your right has been infringed by comments received from other users then please contact us on reportcontent@iwritefiction.co.uk.

We will assess your complaint, inform you of the action we intend to take, and then apply any corrective measure we decide is required.

What should I do if someone on the site seems to be trying to sell me something?

We do not allow users to advertise goods or promote their commercial services or products to fellow-users. If you feel that this rule is being breached then please contact us on reportcontent@iwritefiction.co.uk.


What are Discussions?

In the Community area of the site you’ll find Discussions, which is where you and your fellow writers can get involved and start open conversations with one another. There are all sorts of threads you can contribute to – everything from writing general fiction and genre fiction, to support threads and good old procrastination threads when you need time out from writing. Post replies to the topics already created, or feel free to create your own.

What is Story Share?

Story Share allows iWriteFiction users to post story ideas, concepts, first few lines, first chapters or even full manuscripts to the website, to get feedback and encouragement from fellow writers. Read through fellow users’ work and let them know what you think, or take the plunge and put some of your own ideas up there, too. Look out for the ‘Most popular submissions’, you might even find yourself on there!

We always encourage users to provide constructive feedback. Complaints about  any inappropriate or non-constructive  comments can be sent to us on reportcontent@iwritefiction.co.uk. We’ll take any such complaints seriously and will intervene when necessary.

What are Challenges?

Here you’ll find this week’s writing Challenge as well as previous weeks’. They’re organised by issue and topic, so you can easily find a Challenge you’ve competed, and see how other writers have fared. Leave comments and click the heart symbol to show appreciation for others’ work.

What do the “heart” symbols mean?

Clicking the heart symbol is a way of sharing the fact that you’ve particularly liked something on the site. It could be one of the Resources, a Discussion post, a Story Share, a Challenge, a winning Competition entry, or a Feature – in fact, any piece of content that appears on the website.

If something that you’ve posted on the site gets a heart, you’ll be notified straightaway!


If I post something that I’ve written on Story Share do I still retain the copyright?

Any work that you post anywhere on the website, so long as it’s your own original work, is your copyright. As such, your work will be protected by the provisions of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988, and any statutory modification that may come into law subsequently.

What should I do if I feel certain someone else has copied something I’ve written and they have used it on the site?

Any suspected violation of copyright can be reported to us at: reportcontent@iwritefiction.co.uk. We will investigate your complaint immediately and remove work which we reasonably consider to be in breach of copyright.

What should I do if I’ve read something on the site that I consider to be offensive or illegal?

In the first instance, you should report to us the content that you consider to be offensive or illegal by emailing us on reportcontent@iwritefiction.co.uk.  We will investigate your complaint immediately and, if we believe that the content you are citing is in breach of our Copyright & Content Policy, we will remove it straightaway. If we do not believe that the content is in breach of our Copyright & Content Policy we will inform you of our decision and reasoning.


What happens when I send in a competition entry?

Before entering any of our competitions you should read our Competition Terms & Conditions.

Receipt of competition entries is not acknowledged by email but any competition entry you submit will be stored automatically in My Account.

All competition entries are assessed by our panel of experts and the winning entry is reviewed on the website by one of our Judges. All of our Judges are experienced professionals from the writing and publishing world.