An online writers’ resource and community
iWriteFiction is a unique new learning pathway to help you develop your creative writing and storytelling skills – whatever your writing interests and ambitions.

iWriteFiction allows you to acquire and practise new writing skills, experiment with creative ideas, share with – and be supported by – an interactive community of writers just like you, and to develop your own writing in a fun and creative way.

It’s your step-by-step journey towards becoming a better, more confident and clear-sighted writer with a new set of skills, achievements and a network of like-minded supporters.

We’ve carefully developed iWriteFiction so that it can be delivered at a price you can afford, to be used in your own time, at your own pace, at the level of engagement that feels most comfortable for you.
In each Part you’ll find four multimedia resources
  • Skills
    In Skills, you’ll find expert guidance and advice for sharpening your technical and creative writing skills and for developing your imagination, wordpower and storytelling.
  • Masterclass
    Masterclass brings together great writers – classic, modern, mixed-media – and their masterpieces, so that you can see what they do and emulate their excellence.
  • Inspiration
    Inspiration is where you’ll find podcasts and pep talks to inspire and encourage you when you need it most, and to motivate you to overcome any setbacks.
  • Know-How
    Here you’ll find talks, interviews and step-by-step guides from creative, legal, technical and publishing experts providing insights into how the world of writing really works.
Four separate episodes make up each complete video in bite-sized chunks, each supported by downloadable notes that provide valuable summaries of key points, complementary exercises, and suggestions for further follow-ups.
iWriteFiction also gives you access to an interactive Community of writers. The iWrite Community has three sections.
  • Discussions
    You can join in on what other members are talking about, or start a new topic of your own to see how other writers might help: it’s where to share ideas and air your opinions on writing!
  • Story Share
    If you’re looking for constructive feedback on a piece of your own writing, you can post it in Story Share and invite other members to read and comment – and vice-versa.
  • Challenges
    Every week there are Challenges to take part in and to share with fellow iWriters – your chance to try your hand, improve your technique, shape your voice, or just for the fun of it!
You can share your response to a Challenge with other writers in the community, comment on each others’ entries, get new ideas and learn how to hone different techniques and styles.
Every month we’ll also be running a brilliant writing Competition, where every winning entry will be awarded £500 and be reviewed on the site by one of our publishing experts.

All the winning entries will be saved on the site for you to read whenever you want, along with their reviews. Every Competition sets a different challenge.

Each winning entry is reviewed by one of our expert panel. You can read their full review or select highlights of the text with comments in context.

  • julia
    Julia Churchill
    Literary agent
  • reg
    Reg Wright
    Founder of iWriteFiction
  • curham
    Siobhan Curham
    Writer & editor
  • joanna
    Joanna Nadin
    Writer, lecturer, presenter
So, what could iWriteFiction do for you?
  • develop your skills in four areas with tutorials, exercises and wordplay
  • test your skills in Challenges and Competitions, with feedback from the Community of writers like you
  • write what you really want and be rewarded with prizes and feedback from publishing experts, teachers and writers
  • enjoy a safe, responsive and progressive way to build your confidence as a writer and to find your own, distinctive voice.
  • Bite-sized
    iWriteFiction is a completely new product for writers of all levels of ability. It’s a unique progressive-learning pathway that builds together in step-by-step, bite-sized parts you can refer to whenever you want.
  • Keys to success
    Accessible and usable all in one place, it provides the keys you need to unlock your potential to become a creative writer: Skills, Inspiration, Know-How and Masterclass in every part.
  • Fun & simple
    Unlike formal creative writing courses, it provides complete flexibility in what elements you choose to learn, and how you prefer to do so, ensuring that you experience a pathway that is unique to you.
  • Better together
    And at any time you want you can share ideas, follow discussions or try out new writing… all with support and feedback from fellow-writers in the iWriteFiction community.
Nice things other writers say about us…
  • I am an aspiring writer, I love the idea of being able to express yourself in many different ways. I like to be able to express all my different ways. To be happy, sad, angry. Creative writing allows you to be how you want to be who you want to be.
    MM, Birmingham
  • I like to express the depths of my mind. I love the idea of alternative universes, creative writing allows me to express myself in all ways. I want to be able put down everything I think and feel no matter how strange, outrageous or irregular.
    BP, Norwich
  • Input from professionals, not just writers but also publishers, editors and commissioners, as well as exchanging ideas and tips with others.
    MP, Edgbaston
  • Clear customisable goals and tasks to help you get started, a forum area for feedback and motivation, guest articles from authors or publishers. Something that would help to coach me at my pace.
    EE, Coventry
  • So far I have found My Resources to be the most useful and very educational. The use of narrative and high lighted speech was excellent. It really helped to underpin the information and immediately my mind started to improve on some of what I had written.
    LN, Sandwich
  • Excellent, fantastic name – iWriteFiction! And I do! What a great forum for writers of all sorts. The instruction videos are absolutely perfect and do an excellent job: what they say and illustrate are great!
    SD, Edinburgh