Community Conduct

The ability to share creative work, ideas, opinions and inspiration safely, openly and enjoyably with a broad community of like-motivated, positively-engaged people is at the heart of what iWriteFiction is all about.

Everyone who signs up on our website has the right to have a positive and beneficial experience, and to enjoy being part of its community.

To help ensure that this is the case, we ask all our users to follow five simple, self-explanatory principles when communicating with fellow-writers:

  • Be constructive
  • Be generous
  • Be respectful
  • Be careful
  • Be decent

We cherish these principles and will do our best to uphold them. To this effect, we administer the community area of our website carefully and thoroughly, and we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to intervene directly if we believe that these principles have been severely or repeatedly disregarded by any user. Actions that we may take range from issuance of a warning, to removal of comments or content without prior notice, to suspension from the community, or to closure of a user’s account.

If any user receives what he or she considers to be offensive or excessively negative comments this can be reported to us on

Other rules

We do not allow users to advertise or offer their commercial services or products to fellow-users. We also do not allow users to create or install links from our website to any other website.  Any activity that breaches these rules will lead to an immediate ban and/or account closure.